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Tai here… sometimes I do a really bang up job putting a class schedule together. Then… sometimes… I do something like not put a single class on the schedule that deals with how to finishing and polish your jewelry for MONTHS ON END.

I’ve been getting so many questions about finishing and polishing and that forced me to face the fact that I totally dropped the ball on this one. So who wants to take an Elements of Finishing class, with a side of Flexshaft Basics? One night, mostly lecture and demo, but TONS of info to take home with you and get you going. We will talk about theory of polishing, common mistakes, supplies and equipment options and more. $50 or free with the purchase of a flexshaft. Let me know, people!!


We’ll get to this week’s gem of a cab in a minute….but first! Results of last week’s poll! If this is you first time receiving the newsletter, let me give you some context….last week, I had asked for help settling a running “conversation” Tai and I have been having for FAR too long about color theory…which really came down to, is it (“it” being the cab, or the watercolor paint, or the traffic light, etc etc ad nauseum) “it” blue, or is it green?! In this case it was this beautiful aquamarine cab pictured below….
And you, loyal readers, did not disappoint! 48 of you weighed in to give your HIGHLY varied opinions, and several participants delivered even MORE color choices! Mainly grey. Or grey-green. Or greenish-blue…or blue-grey…ish…you get the picture! What really tickled my goat was the creativity in which you explained your color choice….and the logic! Especially concerning monitor calibration….my goodness. I know where to go now when we start picking colors to paint Tai’s house! (Yes Tai, you will get a vote, but remember this is a democracy here.)

Thanks for participating guys! And without further ado…. the winner (by a hair) is….

38% of you agree, it’s (mostly) green. AS IT SHOULD BE! Let’s do this again next month, shall we? Too, too much fun.


If you’ve ever photographed small, shiny things, you know how FUN it is….no really, because if it’s not hard, its not any fun! I’ve been trying for weeks to capture the beautiful blu(ish)-purple tones in this amazing little pietersite cab… know how some gems just have LIFE in them? This is one of those gems. We’ll work on doing video next, so you can see how AWESOME the chatoyancy is on this cab and all its little pietersite brothers and sisters. $65 to take home this 14x22mm beauty! Or 20% off of that if it’s purchased in class!

There is still room!

(click on the link to find information about the class and PICTURES!!! of the project)

Design with Silver Scrap, Wednesday, April 25, 5:30 – 8:30pm (I) $50 (prereq: SS2)
skills: Fusing sterling silver (yes, it can be done!) and having another way to use up all that silver scrap you have. Happening tonight, Wednesday April 25! 

Twisted Wire Pendant, Thursday, April 26, 5:30 – 8:30pm (I) $50 (prereq: Beginning Wirework)
skills: twisting wire that actually does what you want it to, making a pendant with just wire and a cabochon or other small stone. Learn how to make the bail too!

Silversmithing 3, Saturday, April 28, 10-5p (A) $105 (prereq: SSI and SS2)
skills: making a custom bezel out of backsheet and bezel wire to fit a freeform cabochon, and soldering that either to a bail for a pendant or a ring shank to make a ring. (No unfortunately you can’t do embellishments, I already asked.) Make sure you are able to pick solder independently before signing up for this class!

Beginning Prong Setting, Monday, April 30th, 5:30 – 8:30p ($85 includes all materials!)
skills: How to pick a gem that will be easy to set…working with PREMADE calibrated prong settings and calibrated gemstones….which are included, by the way! Bring your favorite pliers, or use one of ours.

Pendants I: Bails, Tuesdays, May 1&8, 5:30 – 8:30p  (A) $95 (prereq: SS2)
skills: All the different ways you can make a bail for a pendant, including some you never even thought of. Will also get to work with the rolling mill and set small cabs in premade bezel cups. VERY GOOD PICK SOLDERING PRACTICE if you’ve recently completed SS2 or SS3.

Rings I: Stacking, Tuesdays, May 1&8, 5:30 – 8:30p (A) $95 (prereq: SS2)
skills: Two HUGE things… to plan out and document your work, and how to make five rings that are all the same size but not the same shape (so, some wire rings, some ring shank rings, hammered rings….look at the picture on the web download for an idea of what all those people on Pinterest have been doing!) More opportunities to practice pick soldering and stone setting.


Wednesday, April 25th, 10-5
Thursday, April 26th, 10-5
Friday, April 27th, ALL DAY!
Monday, April 30th, 10-5 with BONUS HARRY INCLUDED
Tuesday, May 1st, 10-5
Wednesday, May 2nd, 10-5

As always, call ahead and if class ISN’T in session, chances are excellent you can come in and work.

CLICK HERE to see our online class list!

Tip of the Week!

Making ear wires ahead of time is a total time saver!! But I notice I have a hard time making 50 pairs of earrings match well enough to be total mix and match… so here is what I do. I make earrings two at a time, and make them match. Then I hook them together with the openings designed to hang things from. Then I make and match more pairs. When I store them in bags, I know I can pull out a matching pair any time I need them.

You’re welcome! Enjoy the sunshine! Come take a class when you’re too sunburned to stay out there.


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