New Class Information April 18, 2018


Jumpringer/Flexshaft Combo

Have you been thinking about buying a flexshaft? What about a jump ringer?  If you have, this is totally your lucky day!!!

We JUST got in a combo buy with the Foredom Flexshaft SR and a Pepe Tools jump ringer that you can get for $412!!! That is *almost* a free jump ringer!!! OR you can buy the Pepe Tools jump ringer separately for $249.

Remember, any flexshaft purchase includes the Flexshaft Basics class for FREE!!!!


PLEASE, please please will you help settle a….let’s call it a “discussion”….between myself and Tai regarding the finer points of color theory. See, we’re almost positive we’re not seeing the same colors. (Admit it, you’ve always wondered if the red you’re seeing, that you call red, is the same color Jimmy across the street sees, and ALSO calls red….like, how would you ever know?!?!?!)

Case in point…..this awesome aquamarine. I’m willing to bet that if I asked Tai what color this is, it’s not the same as what I see. So I wonder if you’re willing to take thirty seconds and tell us what you think… this cab in the blue color family, or is it in the green? I’m so emotionally invested in this argument DISCUSSION!!! that I’ve even figured out how to create an internet poll, just to make my point.

I promise this is completely anonymous and purely for fun. Help us answer once and for all, if one of us is color-blind. And then come visit the beautiful cab in the store! Or just bring it home for $50 and end this silliness. Please. I’m kind of obsessed right now and it’s not helping.

There is still room…

(click on the link to find information about the class and PICTURES!!! of the project)

Advanced Byzantine Options, Monday, April 23, 5:30 – 8:30pm (I) $50 (prereq: knowing the Byzantine weave)
skills: Level up on your Byzantine weave! Learn how to scale up or down the Byzantine you already know, how to make variations on the weave with a Byzantine knot or even gemstones.

Byzantine Bracelet, Wednesday, April 25, 5:30-8:30pm (B) $50 (prereq: none)
skills: Make jump rings look like they’re ready for prom with this complex-looking but super easy to learn weave! Literally all you need is jump rings and two pliers.

Design with Silver Scrap, Wednesday, April 25, 5:30 – 8:30pm (I) $50 (prereq: SS2)
skills: Fusing sterling silver (yes, it can be done!) and having another way to use up all that silver scrap you have.

Twisted Wire Pendant, Thursday, April 26, 5:30 – 8:30pm (I) $50 (prereq: Beginning Wirework)
skills: twisting wire that actually does what you want it to, making a pendant with just wire and a cabochon or other small stone. Learn how to make the bail too!

Silversmithing 3, Saturday, April 28, 10-5p (A) $105 (prereq: SSI and SS2)
skills: making a custom bezel out of backsheet and bezel wire to fit a freeform cabochon, and soldering that either to a bail for a pendant or a ring shank to make a ring. (No unfortunately you can’t do embellishments, I already asked.) Make sure you are able to pick solder independently before signing up for this class!


Wednesday, April 18th, 10-5
Thursday, April 19th, 5:30 – 8:30pm
Friday, April 20th, no open studio nada
Saturday, April 21st, no open studio nada tambien
Monday, April 23rd, 10-5
Tuesday, April 24th, 10-5
Wednesday, April 25th, 10-5
Thursday, April 26th, 10-5
Friday, April 27th, ALL DAY!

As always, call ahead and if class ISN’T in session, chances are excellent you can come in and work.

CLICK HERE to see our online class list!

Tip of the Week!

I know I talk on and on and on about making teeny tiny jumprings, but… they come in incredibly handy, and if you can make them yourself, you get exactly what you want! In Earrings I, for example, one of the options is soldering very small earrings on to posts to allow for dangles, or to solder same to bezels, to *make* dangles. To be able to just make those babies is a huge relief.

ANYWAY- finding the right mandrel to wind and cut tiny jumprings on is kind of a bear. But here is an idea- take 10 or 12 or 14ga copper (brass works too) and put one end of a 3-4″ piece in a vise and the other end in a drill. Pull back and turn the drill on slowly to twist the wire. This will harden and straighten the wire and make it into a perfect mandrel for winding your jumprings. You can even saw into it, like we do with the wooden dowels!

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