New Class Information April 11, 2018

New Rolling Mill Patterns
We just got in a HUGE order of rolling mill patterns including several new ones- so excited about all the new possibilities! If you have questions about using these patterns, we have several classes coming up where you will get to try them out- Pendants II (wonky prong), Rings II (wonky prong or fidget), Pendants I (bails), Earrings I (soldering posts), Pendants III (3D rivet), Box Clasp, Keum Bo, Woven and Riveted cuff… it just goes on and on…
Fretz Hammer shipment
Have you been waiting for us to get your favorite Fretz hammer back in stock? Well, we are all stocked back up!

Tiffany Stone is an amazing material. The colors and variation in the matrix make it one of those stones that causes that pattern recognition center in your brain to start spinning for joy. There’s some discussion in the shop about this one in particular, because we all seem to see something different…Jessica and Shari, a couple of lovely regulars for open studio time, both see a ship at sunset….Brad sees a landscape, as does Tai; although hers is a little more descriptive, being a post-apocalyptic mutant badger on a irridium-saturated shoreline….which makes my ballerina dancer on the shore at sunset seem downright BORING!
But this stone is ANYTHING but boring, I really hope someone can save me from buying it for myself because I kinda LOOOOOOVE doing pendants that look like landscapes. Ideally someone who wanted to also take Gem In Stone would buy it, and put the most perfect little round “sun” in there to complete the illusion….. roughly 60x90mm and $125, but remember, if it’s purchased during class its 20% off!

(click on the link to find information about the class and PICTURES!!! of the project)
Metal Clay II, Wednesdays, April 11&18, 5:30-8:30 (I) $95
skills: build on skills learned in Metal Clay I, learn to set stones and which stones can be fired, create most complex designs including bails…
Brass/Copper Etching, Thursday, April 12th, 5:30-8:30 (B) $85
skills: different ways to transfer designs to metal, including PNP paper, how to prepare the metal, ideas of how to use etched pieces and etch 2-5 pieces in class
Silversmithing II, Saturday, April 14th, 10-5 (I) $105
Cold Connections I, Monday, April 16th, 5:30-8:30 (B) $50
Pendants II/Wonky Prong, Tuesdays, April 17&24, 5:30-8:30 (I) $95
Rings II/Wonky or Fidget, Tuesdays, April 17&24, 5:30-8:30 (I) $95
Wednesday, April 11th, 10-5
Thursday, April 12th, 10-5
Friday, April 13th, 10-2
Monday, April 16th, 10-5
Tuesday, April 17th, 10-5
Wednesday, April 18th, 10-5
Thursday, April 19th- no avail
As always, call ahead and if class ISN’T in session, chances are excellent you can come in and work.
CLICK HERE to see our online class list!

Tip of the Week!

So I’m kinda curious how many people know about our Shopify site, and that not only can you register for classes online, but there’s also an ENTIRE COURSE CATALOG for you to peruse? Just in case you’re curious about some of those classes that only come up once or twice a year….or you’re looking for the next challenge and are wondering what else would be fun (silly question, its ALL fun!), you can find inspiration and information all by clicking the link.

And if you’d rather, come in the store and outside the classroom are printed descriptions for all classes… with an index page!

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