New Class Information March 21, 2018

IT’S SPRING!!!!!!!!!
I’m so excited about the longer days I can hardly stand it! What does this have to do with learning to make jewelry, you ask? Not much, but it does make it easier to drive to classes in the evenings, AND it makes me happy, so… that is enough, right?
Silversmithing I, II and III on three days in a row!
April is the month where you get a chance to get your silversmithing on all at once!!! This class is great for people that have to travel, or just want to get a leg up in a short amount of time. It is a super fun format where you get to know your classmates a little better and actually end up with more time to work because we only have to go through the formalities once. Plus… we might cook for you. It could happen…
Primitive Casting, anyone?
Fourth of July comes with very ackward timing this year, landing on a Wednesday. Now, I have lived in Minnesota long enough to know that this is one of your most important holidays of the year and NOBODY messes with your 4th plans. But… I (Tai) still have to plan a class schedule and my boss won’t let us close the store for the whole week, so… I have to ask.
Would any of you be interested in taking the Primitive Casting class on July 7th at my house? Think of it as a party with lots of fire and molten metal. We would do a potluck lunch, possibly with a grill involved, and you could meet my crazy dogs (but they would not be around the fire and you could opt to not be around them. Not, this will not hurt my feelings), and it is just crazy amounts of fun. Your family could even drop in for lunch and to see what it is we are doing.
To re-cap, this is the class where we melt your scrap silver (or you might even want to buy more) and pour it, molten, into water or wet broom straw or ice cream salt or a sand mold. I might have said this before, but it is SO. MUCH. FUN.
Just reply to this email to tell me if you are interested and think you might be around.

There is still room…
(click on the link to find information about the class and PICTURES!!! of the project)
Earrings 1 – Posts, Wednesdays, March 21&28, 5:30 – 8:30pm, (I) $95
skills: making posts for earrings, the primary skill being how to solder something really small to something bigger without burning up the smaller piece. Yes you need to take a class for that. Or figure it out yourself, but spend just as much burning up silver just trying to figure that out. Seriously the class would be cheaper.
Pendants 1 – Bails, Wednesdays, March 21&28, 5:30 – 8:30pm, (I) $95
skills: Bails and also embellishments on pendants, including using a rolling mill pattern. Did you know there’s like eight different ways to make a bail? Oh really? Can you name them? AND each of their unique advantages? Then you better come to class.

Fused and Woven Chain, Saturday, March 24th, 10-5, (I) $105

skills: fusing fine silver, weaving intricate pattern, using draw plate to smooth chain. Result is an amazingly beautiful chain!
Stackable Soldered Rings/Rings I, Saturday, March 24th, 10-5 (I) $105
skills: more pick soldering!! making rings, planning complex project, bezel setting stones
Silversmithing III, Saturday, March 31st, 10-5, (I) $105
skills: soldering, fabricating custom bezels, bezel setting, can make ring or pendant
Wednesday, March 21st, 10-8:30
Thursday, March 22nd, 10-8:30
Monday, March 26th, 10-5
Tuesday, March 28th, 10-5
Wednesday, March 29th, 10-8:30
Thursday, March 30th, 10-8:30
As always, call ahead and if class ISN’T in session, chances are excellent you can come in and work.
CLICK HERE to see our online class list!

Tip of the Week!
I’ve always believed passionately in the power of magnification, but as you might imagine, the topic gets nearer and dearer to my heart the older I get.
There are many styles of wearable magnification out there, but the most ubiquitous might always be the good ole Optivisor. This is my go-to, as it is many other jewelers.
But did you know you can get LIGHTS for them!?!? It is yet another game changer. At first, I didn’t see how it could really make that much difference, but it completely eradicates shadows from your perspective. This makes a HUGE difference!!
Anyway, in case you couldn’t tell, I’m a fan, and they are only $25-ish… totally worth it!

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