This is where the artist's vision, the metalsmith's craft and the beauty of natural gemstones come together to make unique, timeless pieces of jewelry. We work in all types of metal from platinum to copper and with all types of gems from diamonds to jasper. Many pieces are available finished in the store, or we can work with you to create jewelry of your own design! Here are some finished pieces to browse through, showing a mix of styles.


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We know it's hard to pick a jeweler out of a listing. We often first meet our customers when they have repair work that needs to be done. How can they know who to trust with their jewelry? Often it is irreplacable, having been in the family for years, or purchased on a special trip overseas. We have been hand crafting and repairing jewelry for over 25 years and know how special each piece can be. Here's how some of our customers feel about our service.


tahitian opal diamond tanzanite